What Are Backlinks and Why Are They Important?

By October 6, 2018Types of Backlinks

Why Are Backlinks Important for Ranking Your Roofing Website in Google?


Backlinks are links from other sites to your site, let’s assume mrroofingcompany.com. If another website on the Internet, says, check out Mr. Roofing Company and when you click on it, it takes you to mrroofingcompany.com, that is considered a backlink. Imagine backlinks like “referral points”. You can have the most beautiful website with hundreds of pages about a topic, but if no other website refers their visitors to you, it means that website has no friends and no trust. So without backlinks, Google will not assign any authority and trust to your website and would not rank on the first page.

There are different kinds of backlinks:

Social vs. Earned Backlinks

If you have a company Facebook account, you can enter your website in the profile and that will be a link. However, since this is a Social link an anyone can build these sites and point a link to their website, its impact is limited. An earned link would be if say CNN writes an article about roofing contractors and includes Your Roofing Company as one of the companies and provides a link to yourroofingwebsite.com – that would be an earned link from a high-quality site. We use a combination of social and earned links for our campaigns.

High vs. Low Quality

Some sites have more authority and trust and others are spammy. Getting links from spammy sites hurt your site rather than help. Some companies purchase bulk links from outsources without knowing the quality of the sites and this is not helpful. It used to work 5 years ago; but Google became better at identifying quality of the links. Getting a link from CNN is difficult, but there are many other quality sites. If CNN gave a link to Site A, getting a link from Site A would still be high quality, so we look at the backlinks of a site before getting a link from that site. In some cases, you can sponsor an article, at the very high end, Fortune.com for example, has some writers and they would agree for an article and link to your site; but would charge $2,000 for that link. In most cases, we reach out to other quality sites we identified and check if we can sponsor an article for a backlink.

In some cases, we buy some quality sites from auctions, these sites would have links from high quality sites such as WSJ or CNN and we run our own blogs on these sites and can give backlinks to sites we want. This is a strategy that requires providing good, unique content in your blogs and requires expertise.

We use both strategies: we reach out to other quality domains to sponsor articles and we also run our own quality blogs. And what makes a domain quality is its backlinks; but not necessarily how it looks like.. Very competitive markets is a competition between which site can acquire the highest quality and quantity of links consistently and this is one of the most expensive aspects of an Seo campaign. Especially, if you are a newcomer for a specific keyword and want to disrupt existing ranking sites in competitive markets, you need to be much better than them to take over the rankings.


Fast vs. Consistent Backlink Building

Some backlink building will appear unnatural. Google uses AI to understand how natural sites gets links. If a new site has 30 earned backlinks suddenly, that is not natural. But it can have 30 social links, it is natural for new companies to build their social profiles under their name. That’s why it requires to have the right pace for link building. If you built too much links from the beginning, Google would be suspicious and might have assigned a penalty for unnatural link building.


Keyword Optimized vs. URL Backlinks

Some backlinks are just the website address or name of the brand such as Mr. Roofing Company, mrroofingcompany.com – these are the most common. Other backlinks could be a group of words, such as “roofing contractor in Philadelphia” – this three keyword group could link to the roofing company website and that would mean that website is a site about roofing contractor in Philly. Google would add points for roofing contractor searches in Philadelphia and would increase this site’s ranking. There needs to be a good balance of keyword optimized and url backlinks. A keyword strategy will determine the ideal keyword optimized links, so having a good keyword strategy is important for any Seo campaign.


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