Three Types of Search Results in Google

By September 14, 2018Seo

Google Maps vs. Organic Rankings vs. Google Ads for Roofers

The majority of the experts on Roofing we have interacted with are perplexed about the way the search engines operate and the dissimilarities between paid / Pay-Per-Click listings, organic listings and map listings.

The aim of this section is to spend some minutes to unravel the MYSTERY surrounding the search engines & dissect the body of the search engine results pages (SERPs). If you understand how each part functions, you can put a strategy in place to achieve maximum results with each.


There exist three major parts of the SERPs, namely:

  1. Paid / PPC Listings
  2. Map Listings
  3. Organic Listings


Paid / PPC Listings

In this part of the search engine, there is a liberty for you to choose the keywords which relate to your business and then make payment to be listed here.   Pay-Per-Click or PPC is so called because instead of paying a flat daily or monthly fee for placement, you only pay each time a person clicks on the link.  This platform is premised on a system of bidding, and the best placement goes to the highest-bidding company.  PPC is still a snappy tool for marketing business online.  However, it should be considered a short-term marketing strategy. Although PPC is very fast, it can be very expensive as some keywords cost up to $45.00 for one click in the Roofing sector.

Map Listings

This is very vital in that it is the number one thing which appears in the results of the search for the majority of local searches. For instance, if an individual is looking for “Roofing + Your City,” there is almost 100% chance that the first thing they look at is the map listings. Unlike the search engine’s paid section, you can’t purchase placement in the map listings, you must work for it, and once you find yourself here, there is no further cost for being in this part of the search engine.  The optimization strategy of Our Google My Business will be shared with you in this guide and you will be taken through the exact things you need to do to achieve placement on page one in the map section of the search engine results.

Organic Listings

The natural/organic/ section of the results page of the search engine appears directly below the map listings in the majority of local searches. However, it appears directly below the paid listings if there are no map listings (only the map section appears in specified local searches). Just like the map listings, it is not possible to buy your way into this search engine’s part and pay per click cost is not associated with it.  Our strategy for search engine optimization will be shared with you in this guide under Section 5.

Now that you have a perfect understanding of the three major parts of the results of the search engine and the dissimilarities between them, you might want to know… “Which section is more important than others?” This question is thrown to us by Roofing Companies on a daily basis.

The truth is that all the three sections are significant and each has a vital role to play in an online marketing strategy as they will work hand in hand to ensure that you appear as many times as possible while a person is looking for Roofing services in your location.

Now, you can set up a FREE Leadflow Acceleration Session to go over your search rankings to develop the best ranking strategy going forward.  

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