Roofing Website Design

We offer website design services to update your roofing websites or build one from scratch. We are differentiated from other website designers because of three things:

1 – We take into account visitor conversion elements when revising or building your website because the goal of a website is to turn visitors into actual leads and you need more than just pretty design to enable that. We will go over the conversion elements we implement on roofing websites below.

2 – We optimize your website for Seo as we are building it. Most web designers do not have the Seo experience and keyword research knowledge to be able to build the right on-page optimization elements.

3 – Since we are only focused on roofing clients, we have researched the market for best themes for roofing sites that are based on WordPress, are flexible for adding new functionality and are mobile optimized. We will recommend a roofing theme if we are building your site from scratch or we can also work with your current WordPress theme depending on the outcome of our analysis of your website’s conversion elements compared to best practices. Some website will require a few tweaks and other will require a more extensive build-up.

Best Practices To Turn Your Roofing Website Into A Lead Generation And Cash Machine

Your roofing website is one of the most important digital assets for your roofing company, which means that having the best roofer website will help your roofing business significantly, build your brand in the market and position you the best for prospective customers. Before we can identify the characteristics of the best roofing website, we should start with the purpose of your roofing company website.

The main purpose of a roofing website is converting website visitors to actual sales, which we call 'website conversion'. Click To Tweet A lot of people focus on the right roofing website theme or design; but that is only one of the four elements of the best roofing websites. If you don’t have the other three elements, your website will not help you even if you spend tens of thousands of dollars building it. For this reason, we focus on multiple website conversion elements along with a good, clean design when building websites for our roofing clients.

Conversion is composed of two drivers: website visits to leads and leads to sales. What we focus here with website conversion elements is how to turn your website visitors to leads. If a potential customer visits your roofer website, he or she will make a quick decision about whether to evaluate doing business with you. If your website doesn’t have the right conversion elements, you will lose the chance with that customer in the first 5 seconds and the “Back Button” on the website browser will be the last engagement action from that customer.

Best Roofing Website

On the other hand, if you have implemented the conversion tactics we will discuss here, that person might call you or submit an inquiry form, which we classify as a lead. Your sales team and sales processes will then take over and you will set up an appointment with the customer quickly and seal the deal to start working on the roofing job for that customer.

We have identified the best website conversion practices based on research and our testing with many client sites.

There are FOUR Conversion Areas that the Best Roofer Website will incorporate that have the MOST impact in terms of converting roofing website visits to leads


  1. Site Speed, Mobility & Security
  2. Credibility & Trust
  3. Value Proposition
  4. Website Design

We will now go through each of these conversion areas by discussing the research findings and best practice tactics.

1 – Site Speed, Mobility & Security


  • A one second delay in page response time can result in a 7% reduction in conversions
  • Not having a mobile responsive site will decrease conversions by 50%

Best Roofing Website Practices / Conversion Checklist:

  • Decrease your page load time to under 3 seconds
  • Have a mobile friendly and responsive website
  • Install SSL security to have https instead of http on your website


2 – Credibility & Trust


  • Trust, credibility and social elements such as testimonials, industry association memberships led to close to 150% improvement on conversions
  • Putting real photos of people, your team on your homepage can have a huge impact on conversions
  • Getting more than 100 reviews increases conversion rate by 37%.
  • Using videos can increase conversions by 86%

Best Roofing Website Practices / Conversion Checklist:

  • Links to your Social Media Profiles (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, etc)
  • Company Name, Address & Phone Number on every page of the site
  • Real Photos & Videos of you, your team, your trucks, equipment etc
  • Direct links to your online reviews / testimonials
  • Include affiliations from credible organizations
  • Increase engagement and trust with video
  • Proactively manage your reviews to respond / eliminate negative reviews and increase positive ones


3 – Value Proposition


  • Having a clear, value proposition increases conversion because visitors envision getting good value if they used your services. You have less than 10 seconds to attract a visitor to stay more on your website with a compelling headline and effective website
  • Including a pain problem that your potential customer is struggling with (Are you tired of, stressed about etc..) in a headline increased conversion by 31%

Best Roofing Website Practices / Conversion Checklist:

  • A clear explanation of WHY they should choose your company
  • Research competitors, understand customer desires / pain points and craft your differentiated value proposition
  • Employ A/B testing to refine your message, content and headlines continuously
  • Special Offers & Incentives to drive action
  • Videos and articles to inform and add value to visitors’ knowledge


4 – Website Design


  • Implementing a “Chat Now” button increased free signup form fills by 31%
  • Changing your call-to-action button from green to red has been shown to increase conversions by 34%
  • Shorter forms generate more leads

Best Roofing Website Practices / Conversion Checklist:

  • Make it easy for potential customers to contact you – Web Form where customer can request a quote / service call
  • Improve your overall site with a clean and modern theme that is easy to navigate
  • Test design and colors on your site
  • Use “above the fold” call to action on the home page


Here is another example roofing website with good lead conversion elements


The more you can implement the best practices on your website, the more you will increase your conversions. It will take time and resources to implement these tactics; but it is worth the investment since your website is a core part of your brand and a core asset for the long-term sustainability of your roofing business.


If you would like Roofing Seo Pros to evaluate all the conversion elements on your current roofing website and develop a plan including setting up a completely new website if necessary to get your Website to the NEXT LEVEL, you can set up a FREE CONSULTATION with us at