Generate Exclusive Roofing Leads Pre-Positioned to Buy Your Roofing Services


If you are relying on lead generation companies to give you leads that were shared with tens of other roofing businesses in your area, you are out of luck if you want to make good profits and grow your business. Those leads will increase competition and force you to drop your prices to near zero levels, while you are still taking all the risk and have to manage your cash to stay afloat.

What you need to have to build a long term, sustainable, profitable business is to have EXCLUSIVE leads and those potential customers should be PRE-POSITIONED to buy your services. Imagine customers competing to have the opportunity to work with you and even willing to wait.

It used to be that referrals and knocking on the doors were the main lead generation methods for roofers. They are still important; but not sufficient. Also, in the old days, whenever consumers required a Roofing service, their first port of call happened to be the Yellow Pages. In the market today, only a negligible number of people still reckon with the so-called Yellow Pages.  As a matter of fact, the new generation of people is not even aware of the Yellow Pages and the only platform they resort to when it comes to searching for local businesses is the Internet.

Where exactly do customers visit now on the internet?

Potential leads resort to the search engines (Bing, Yahoo, Google, & others) and social media platforms (Twitter & Facebook) requesting referrals from their family and friends. According to a recent survey, 95 percent of people made use of the Internet while searching for a local business and the majority of them go through the online reviews prior to contacting or visiting the local business.


Leads start with the Internet

If you ’re nowhere to be found on the first page of Bing, Yahoo & Google for the keywords relating to Roofing in your area AND if you do not have hundreds of glowing, positive reviews for your business on multiple platform, then a very big lead generation opportunity is what you are missing!

Simple Formula for Roofing Lead Generation

We have a simple formula for generating leads from the Internet. This new digital environment is where every roofing business needs to operate in and we have figured out how to win digitally to generate EXCLUSIVE leads from the Internet.

Our simple roofer lead generation formula is based on two big elements: TRAFFIC and CONVERSIONS, which result in Exclusive Leads Pre-Positioned to Buy your Roofing Services.

In order to get these exclusive leads and eager customers for your business, all you need is a good ranking and converting website and many good testimonials and online reviews.  Sounds simple, right? And the good news is we have developed a step by step system to help you achieve a ranking and converting website and many good online reviews.

Traffic and Conversion are the lifeblood of any business. The best way to illustrate the importance of BOTH is the chart below. An increase of conversion from 1% to 3% will triple your online leads. If you combine that with 5x increase in Traffic, that means your online leads will increase 15x OR 1,500% – which is enough to transform any business. That is why our Internet Marketing SYSTEM focuses on increasing BOTH Traffic and Conversion and offer a one-stop solution.

It is best practice to target greater than 15% conversion rate, which means if 100 people are visiting your website, you should at least get 15 calls or website form submissions. Of the people who call you or submit a form, we would like to target 30% or more close rate.

Roofing Lead Conversions

The better your website and online reviews, the better your conversion rates will be. There is also conversion off the website, which is the Google Maps results, some people will directly call you if they see a lot of good reviews on Google Maps listing for your website. We consider reviews as a conversion element, whether displayed as part of Google Maps results or published on the website.

Review management is a key step in our Internet Marketing Program and is a core component of our system. It should not be clear as why the new leads through this system are pre-positioned to buy from you. They have seen and read so many good things for your business that, they would not even consider other bottom feeder roofing businesses even if their prices were lower. This doesn’t happen in one day; but if you have a system to consistently collect and publish your reviews, you will build that asset in no time. Our webinar goes into more detail how we can implement an online review management process with a single click of a button, so it is completely automated.

Now, stop wasting time and money on chasing non-exclusive leads and build your real digital assets such as your website and reviews to make your phone ring all the time and get exclusive leads from customers that are pre-positioned to buy your services.

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