Roofing Keyword Research


Keyword Research in your market is not only important for Seo; but also important from a business strategy perspective. If you have data on what type of services your potential customers are looking for and how much they are searching for these services, that gives a good indication of demand in your market. Knowing the demand and tailoring to that demand is a core principle of not only roofing company strategy; but any business strategy from Small Businesses to Large Fortune 50 companies.


Our research on historical search volume trends has enabled us to develop a list of the most frequently searched keywords in the Roofing industry. You can find the Top 50 keywords for Roofers in our Guide at

What is Keyword Value and Why Is It Important?

Keyword Value = Monthly Search Volume * CPC. The average monthly volume for the last twelve months and the Cost per Click cost of that keyword are public information through Google’s Keyword Research tool. Let’s go over an example. The monthly search volume for roofing in the US is 368,000, and the CPC is about $8.  For example, if everyone who searched for Roofing clicked the Google Ad and you get all these 368,000 clicks to your website, you would need to pay Google about $8 per click for this word “Roofing” and the total payment to Google you would need to make for 368,000 clicks would be $3M per month. Ranking for highest value keywords generally bring the most value to your business if you can convert these leads to actual customers

The most important keyword, which is also called the ‘Trophy Keyword’ is Roofing + Your City. This will generate at least 5 – 10 times more traffic to your website than any other single keyword to your business. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t target other keywords too, that’s why we developed the top 50 keywords guide for Roofing companies. We place a lot of importance to keyword research when we start an Seo campaign; because every city is different, and every business might want to focus on different types of services, which we should consider when build an Seo strategy for your roofing business.

Top 10 Keywords


Keyword Value is Different For Each Market


Roofing Keyword CPCs


What are Trophy vs. Longtail vs. LSI Keywords?

1 – Trophy Keywords: These would be the highest value keywords related to your product or service. For example, as a roofing contractor in San Jose, your trophy keyword would be San Jose Roofing or Roofing San Jose. It would also be just Roofing for the Google My Business results because Google will show local roofing companies in the maps sections for the search term ‘Roofing’.


We usually identify a few more trophy keywords that are a bit more targeted than the keyword ‘roofing’ based on your service. Not all people searching for roofing will be looking for a roofing contractor when they type roofing. Maybe they are looking for how to videos or looking to buy a gutter or a roofing part. As a roofing contractor, ‘roofing contractor’ and ‘roof repair’ would probably the other top trophy keywords based on the volume and value when we compared with the other keywords.


2- Long Tail Keywords: Long tail keywords are your Trophy Keyword + Other words. For example, ‘roofing contractors near me’ is “roofing contractor” + “near me.” Sometimes the other words could come in between your trophy keywords. For example, “Roof leak repair” would be a long tail version of “roof repair” with the additional word “lead” in the middle.


3- LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) Keywords: These keywords are very important for a successful Seo campaign; but are often overlooked. Google recognizes that there are multiple ways of saying something for the ‘same intent.’ For example, if you are looking for a roofing contractor, you would type ‘roofing contractor’ to search; but you can also type roof contractor, contractor for roofing, roofing contractors, etc.… “and all these keywords would be LSI versions of the keyword ‘roofing contractor’. You can replace LSI version with ‘different versions meaning the same’ if you don’t want to sound this technical. In the roofing sector, Roofing and roof and plural versions are the LSIs that are the easiest to identify. Roof repair and roofing repair mean the same thing. Even the search volume and values of these are the same because Google will combine both these searches and give you one volume and CPC number. See if you can identify these LSI versions in the 50 keywords list.


In some cases, LSI versions of keywords may be difficult to identify. For example, fix my roof is also an LSI version of roof repair. As an Internet Marketing company focused on ‘Roofing,’ our experience with similar past projects gives us a good understanding of LSI keywords for roofing. Since these are usually overlooked or difficult to identify, if you also focus on these keywords, you will be doing something your competition doesn’t do and have an edge in bringing traffic from these keywords.


Here is an example of City + Roofing used in

the long tail and LSI search (I’ll use San Jose as an example city):

  1. San Jose roofing contractor
  2. San Jose roofer reviews
  3. Reliable San Jose roofer
  4. Affordable San Jose roofer
  5. Roofing contractor in San Jose CA
  6. San Jose roofing services
  7. San Jose Roofer coupons
  8. San Jose commercial roofer
  9. How to find the best roofer in San Jose
  10. San Jose commercial metal roof repair


As you can see it is very important to know that San Jose Roofer is a very important keyword. However, the way people search to find that keyword is also important. Another thing to remember is that you want to rank for the multiple cities you service, often referred to as sub-cities. In using Miami, Florida as an example, you would want to rank for North and South Miami, as well as other nearby cities. Keep in mind some cities like South Miami may not have a very large search volume. Spending your time and effort to rank for a keyword that may not generate any searches is a waste of time and resources.

If you would like to learn the remaining 49 top keywords for Roofing companies, you can Download our Keyword Guide below.


If you would like to learn the keyword volume and CPC data for your city, please set up a FREE Consultation to go over your market’s keyword data along with other analysis on your roofing website