Roofing Internet Marketing Program Overview


Our Internet Marketing SYSTEM in Composed 3 CORE THEMES and 6 STEPS. Each theme has two steps. Here’s a diagram of our Internet Marketing System


Build & Rank

STEP 1: Building Your Website for Search Engines – Build the Necessary Pages for Your Website

The typical website about Roofing has 5-6 pages: About Us, Contact Us, Home, Our Services, and probably a Coupons page. This is not sufficient to rank you above your local competition, as potential customers input different keywords relating to the service you render.

We have different approaches to this significant step. We have discovered that each page on any site can be optimized using two or three keywords. We have also discovered that there are hundreds of keywords that can be combined in various ways in any geographic area which a person may input if they are searching for your services.

So, our strategy is building a page for each of the services you render. You don’t just provide Roofing services; you also do repipe, water heater installation, drain cleaning, furnace replacement, AC repair, and more. We ensure that these keywords s are incorporated into your website.

We also optimize your site based on the sub-cities present in your geographic location, usually 10-15 sub-cities for the majority of markets. We build pages which are combinations of geographic terms and the terms contained in the paragraph above to ensure that you have Google indexation (descriptions, meta titles, and updating of anchor text).

We consistently post useful information about how to choose a Roofer plus other relevant contents such as what makes us different.  By publishing this content, which is specific to your business & geographical location on your website, you are increasing the credibility of your Internet presence.

STEP 2: Ranking Your Website by Building Link and Creating Content

Steps 1 and 2 constitute 25% of the battle. The remaining 75% of the battle is attracting inbound links (your popularity on the Internet) to the home page as well as to the sub-pages of your website.

After the optimization of your website, the only thing which will make it possible for you to rise to the top of the search engines will be the number of quality inbound links (links from other websites which are pointing to your site). We will help you implement an effective strategy to get sufficient inbound links.  Our strategy for building inbound links involves:

  • Creating and distributing quality content (videos, blog posts, articles, etc.) on your behalf.
  • Doing competitive acquisition of links, which is an effective strategy of building links to get your website to the top of the search engines. We will proactively “investigate” the top 10 Roofing contractors in your area and find out the sources of their links (which websites/ companies are linking to them) and the number of links they have. Then, we perform a reverse engineering of the Internet marketing strategy of your competitors and try to outdo them.
  • Making Valuable Comments on Blogs (Making useful comments and feedbacks on industry-specific blogs).

LINK BUILDING is the most vital activity in placement/SEO

Next, we are going to take you through citation development. We will use a proactive approach to claim your listings on local directories such as Yahoo, Bing, Google My Business, City Search, Best of the Web, Brown Book, Angie’s list, Hot Frog, and close to 100 other very vital local online directories. We will help you to build your listings by uploading videos, special offers, photos, etc.) and optimizing them to be atop the search engines.

Appearing on Google My Business through a Google Map is the best ROI for your marketing strategy on the Internet.   When we add you to all of these varied directories, we will increase your exposure and you are likely to get some free calls from it.  Most importantly, we will increase your citations & credibility and this will improve the chances of getting you on Google My Business/Google Maps

Convert & Optimize

STEP 3: We Take Total Control of Your Existing Website

It all begins with us taking a total control of your existing website. Probably, you have been a Roofing contractor for 20 years or more, but you don’t have a website or you have spent a lot of money in building one.   In either case, we will take over from where you stopped.

If you have a website about Roofing, we will leverage it and upgrade it to the next level. Roofing website elements we will implement will increase your conversion and turn website visitors into actual leads.

If you have no website, we will create one for you.

Step 4: Online Review Management

The key to getting the maximum benefit from your online marketing  and social media efforts is  creating an automated system of marketing follow-up  We will  provide you with a system to  gather your customers’ contact information (mobile phone number, email address and name) and then  strategically follow-up with them  to achieve the maximum effect:


Check-in – Whenever your technicians check in through their mobile phones after arriving at a job, a combination of a heat map a hyper-local unique content will be produced and syndicated automatically to the pages on your site regarding Sub-cities

Automation of Review Request– After checking-in, it will be possible for your technicians to send a ready-made email to the customer, asking them to write a testimonial which can be easily published on any of the major online review sites,   including Angie’s List, Yelp, Google, etc.

Expand & Repeat

Step 5: Google and Facebook Ads

Google and Facebook Ads could further drive traffic to your website; however your main conversion elements should be in place to get the maximum benefit from your Ad campaigns and you should work with an expert with a lot of experience running Ads for roofing businesses. They dynamics in each Ad market is different and without the knowledge of which keywords are best to target and which copy would work best, you would not be getting the maximum ROI. So first build your website conversion elements, increase your online reviews and work with Ad expert Roofing Seo Pros to get the maximum benefit.

Step 6: Social Media Marketing & PR

We set up, build, & maintain profiles on social media such as Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, and several other social media platforms and all of them have backlinks to your website. As we create and publish content (Step 4), we share it across the Internet and link it back to the website for your Roofing business.

The majority of the roofing contractors I interact with are NOT aware of how YouTube, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and other social media can assist them to grow their business.

If you make a judicious use of the social media, surely you will propel your word-of-mouth business to an enviable level, because an average user of Facebook has about 135 fans and friends.  If we succeed in making your highly satisfied customers like you on Facebook, the effect of that is that your name and brand have been exposed to 135 friends of theirs, usually in the same geographic location where they reside. It is  as if they called those  friends in your area,  telling them “Hey, I know this  very good contractor in our  area,  any time you  need  roofing service they are the  go-to contractor.”

Take Action and Get Started Now!

We can assist you to get TOP placement on Google with respect to the majority of the keywords relating to Roofing in your geographic area, however, we work with only ONE company in every city, so call us at 866-765-1484 before your competitor does or request a FREE CONSULTATION by clicking this link.