Top 3 Drivers of Higher Google Rankings for Roofing Companies

In today’s digital age, roofing businesses rely on the internet for getting new customer leads and acquiring new customers effectively as a significant number of customers find local roofing contractors through search engines and visit their roofing websites to get a first impression. If a roofing company ranks poorly on search engines and / or has a bad website, only a few customers will visit the company’s website and almost none will make a call to set up an appointment. That, in turn, means that the company loses revenue to companies with better search engine visibility. That brings us to search engine optimization (SEO).


Roofing Search Engine Optimization is a range of techniques targeted at maximizing organic traffic from search engine. In essence, SEO helps a website gain well in SERPs. Most of the times, SEO targets the first three positions in SERPs. The top three positions attract more than 70% of organic search engine traffic. Organic traffic is the best traffic and the most qualified leads as it is easily converted to customers. That fact alone makes SEO an important aspect of your company’s marketing efforts.

When considering SEO for your roofing company, here are a few steps sure to help a roofing company increase its search engine visibility. While this guide is easy to follow and put in place, a professional Roofing SEO would be helpful when implementing these strategies.

1 – Add More Pages to Your Website

The typical roofing company has a website with 5-6 pages. Most of these pages are static meaning content changes infrequently. Static content does not help gain the attention of search engines. Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines are always crawling and cataloging websites every day. If a search engine notices that content on your blog changes regularly, it ranks your website higher. Setting up a blog on for your roofing website allows you to generate new content regularly for search engines to index and rank.

Additionally, setting up more pages on your website can help rank for different keywords. For instance, having a roof repair page and separate pages for roof inspection and roof replacement services potentially earns your website three different listings for the three different services.

2 – Page Optimization

Page optimization allows them to understand the structure of your website and navigate your website with ease.

Optimization also helps search engines understand what your website is about.
Generally, page optimization involves structuring URLs on the site such that search engines easily understand them. For instance, a URL referring to the Roof Replacement page should contain the keyword phrase “roof replacement” in its structure. Adding the keyword to the URL tells the search engine the content of the page.


Another aspect of page optimization is the proper use of the H1 tag and title tags. Labeling headings and titles allow search engines to interpret the structure of the page. Lastly, developing and XML sitemap and submitting it to Google helps the search engine crawl and index your page.

3 – Inbound Links

Now that pages on the site are optimized for search engines, you’ll want to get backlinks from other related websites. Think of backlinks like votes. They tell search engines that the content on your website is worth ranking. The more backlinks you have, the more search engines relate your content to the targeted keyword.

Number of links required for rankings will depend on quality of links and competitiveness of target keywords

Search engines have become a bit more intelligent. Gone are the days when you having thousands of backlinks meant higher ranking. Today, search engines analyze the quality of your backlinks. They rank backlinks from related websites higher than backlinks from unrelated websites. That is why a roofing site with a few dozen links from related websites could rank higher than a website with hundreds of backlinks from unrelated, low quality websites.


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