Managing Your Online Reputation


There are many online platforms where your customers can and do submit reviews of your roofing business. Google My Business, Yelp, Apple Maps, Bing Maps, Angie’s List, are some of these online directories. Google My Business and Yelp are the two most important ones since they have the most number of visitors.

We recommend having at least 100 reviews on Google My Business to increase your online reputation, help with Google Maps rankings and protect against any negative reviews from customers or even competitors.

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Many of the customers who are looking for a roofer will read the online reviews before making an appointment and if the online reviews are few or ratings are low, they are more likely to choose other roofers with many, glowing reviews. This is true for most local businesses including roofing contractors. There are survey results such as the one below that prove the importance of online reviews.


I must point out to you that you don’t need to try to trick the system on reviews. It is very easy for you to think, “I’ll just set up as many accounts as possible, give myself as many reviews as possible, then I would be good to go.” It’s not as simple as that!

Google has algorithms which it uses to make it impossible for people to game the system.  It looks at the profile of the reviewer. Anybody who wants to compose a review on Google My Business must possess a Gmail or an account with Google. Google knows everything about the existing profiles of people who have Google accounts.  It keeps a watch on their search trends.  It has IP information that enables it to be abreast of their locations. In most cases, those people have already entered and volunteered information about their data and they have frequently used these types of websites.” So, Google has an awesome idea of the genuine users of its search engine, which happens to be one of the most frequently used sites in existence.  It has data on almost everybody.  Whenever you attempt to work around the system, Google will detect that.

You must put in place a process to elicit reviews from real people whom you have rendered services to. Step 4 in our Roofing Internet Marketing System is to establish an automated, one click process to initiate reviews, follow up with customers to ensure they rate the work and write a review and then aggregate all reviews on the Internet and publish the best ones on your own website. Roofing Seo Pros developed an automated system to get real reviews with the push of a button in the field or at the back office after job completion.


If you would like Roofing Seo Pros to build and manage your online review management platform to increase the quality and quantity of your reviews, schedule a Free Consultation session with us so that we can go over all your reviews on all the platforms and develop a strategy to implement the review management system for your business.