Google Ads Click Rate for Roofing Ads

By September 20, 2018Google Ads

Percentage of People Clicking Your Roofing Google Ads

What % of searchers are actually clicking Google Ads> Our best guess is 15%. It could be anywhere from 5% to 20% to allow for some variance. Let’s share some data: If we look at all traffic that comes from Ads vs. organic results, it is only 5%; but this includes non-commercial searches such as “what is a roof?”, where you may not even have a Google Ads placement. For more competitive words such as “Sacramento Roofing”, you would expect traffic percentages more like the chart on the right-hand side. Since usually you would have 3 Ad results, First ranked Ad would get ~7%, 2nd would get 4% and 3rd would get about 3%, so in total about 15% of people will click the Ads and remaining 85% will click organic map and other organic results on the first page.

The majority of the clicks will be directed to the results of Google My Business since they show up very conspicuously on the page and the majority of the searches that are done by mobile, and those through Google My Business listings offer an option to searchers to reach out to the business directly.  Next, clicks will proceed to Organic results followed by Ads. An Ad often attracts 10-20% of all the clicks, and the remaining ones go to organic and map results on the first page.


This is one of the reasons why Seo and ranking on the first page of Google without Ads is very important for the long term lead generation of your business. It may not be instant like the effect you have with Ads; but it is an exclusive position – not every roofer can obtain that position even If they wanted. Everyone can pay higher for the Ads and get a listing; but that means prices of Ads will contunie to go up due to competition and Google Ad Division will benefit the most. Secondly, even if you did Ads, capturing only 15% of traffic is not a long term strategy if you want to accelerate your leadflow. You need to be present to capture the remaining 85% of the clicks.


This is why our Internet Marketing for Roofing Businesses has Search Engine Optimization as a core foundation to get right. If you want to learn more about our program, you can sign up for our FREE WEBINAR and learn the foundations and key steps for a successful Internet Marketing campaign.

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