Google My Business Optimization Strategies for Roofing Companies


This training will focus on the best ways to optimize your Google My Business listing within the Google My Business dashboard.

In case you are just introducing Internet marketing to your Roofing business & you don’t know how to get your business incorporated into the Google Maps, here is an awesome place to begin. I will reveal to you the fundamentals of the Google Map, the way it operates, and the thing that will enable you to head in the appropriate direction towards having your business listed on the map. Even if your business is already listed on Google Maps, the tips here will make your listing more attractive to visitors and to Google, which is one of the essential elements of getting higher rankings in Google My Business listing. The more complete and optimized your maps profile is, the higher your chances are of getting higher rankings. For this reason, even for existing listing, I would go over this step by step guide and complete all the sections of your listing based on the tips we reveal in this section. If you already have a Google My Business listing, you can optimize the information on your listing based on the tips here and quickly move to the off-page tips that include directory registration and linking among many other tactics.

Optimizing Your Google My Business Listing

One of the first steps you have to take is to go to  to claim your listing so that you can ensure it has captured all of your information correctly- Your website address (if you own a website), your phone number, description of your business, some coupons, some pictures,   etc.  It is of paramount importance for you to ensure that you are in control of your business listing on

Here are some of the things you need to be abreast of while you claim your listing on Google My Business. The process is as simple as ABC. If you have a Gmail account or any other type of Google account, it will be detected by Google and you will be allowed to use it to claim your listing on Google My Business. If you don’t, you must create a Google account to enable you to claim your listing on Google My Business.

After logging into your account, the next thing will be to input your company name and your phone number. Then, the system will run through the directory of Google My Business to find out if you are already included in the database.  Usually, if you have been running a business for over a year, you will have already been included on the list. So, Google will bring out your existing listing and requests you to confirm it is yours. Then, claim your listing.  In case you don’t want to go through that process, there is yet another process which will allow you to add your business to Google My Business. So, if you’re new in business or for any reason you don’t appear in the directory of Google My Business, all you need to do is to click “add a new listing.”

In either way, we will take you through the process step by step. You will have to input your phone number, address, and your company name.  You must ensure that all the information provided by you is accurate.

Some of the things you must pay attention to while you do that are listed below.

Ensure that you provide your real company name.  If for instance you’re, “Apex Roofing,” ensure that you name it as such, “Apex Roofing” and not any other thing similar to that, e.g. “Apex Roofer, Your Apex Roofing Company,” or “Apex Roofing Inc.” Don’t attach any keywords to that name.  That does not conform to the rules and policies of Google My Business Ensure that you write the exact name of your company.


It is necessary for you to be consistent with your Phone Number, Address, and Name, and that is, they must be written the same way on the web at all times.  To start with, if you want to sign up for Google My Business,  ensure that you make it simple and make use of the same style for writing your name across-the-board. The same thing goes for your address. If you’re located at 106 SW 11th Street, Suite 104, employ that same wording. If you want to make use of SW, use exactly that. If you prefer spelling out Southwest, make sure to stick to that. If you want to adopt your suite number, e.g. “Suite 104,” make sure you stick to that.  Write your address the same way at all times.


Continuing, after adding the fundamentals, it is very vital for you to add your web address.  If you have no website, I strongly advise you to have one   Created. I’ve shared many ideas in my various posts about the best formats for a website and the pages you have to build into your site based on the perspective of SEO.  Simply put, include your website in it. It will drive multiple links to your site.  It will also make it very easy for your customers to reach out to you any time they locate you on the map.


While describing yourself, you must ensure you include the services you render and your geographical location, e.g, “Our company is a full-service NYC Roofing Contractor.  Roofing repair and replacement are some of our services.”  You have a maximum of 250 characters to describe your business. So, try as much as possible to capture relevant information about your business in this limited space.


Directly under that are categories. You must choose the categories which most exactly describe what you do. Don’t go for categories which do not relate to what you do. You can add up to five categories. So, if you happen to be a Roofing Contractor, choose the apparent ones from the drop down, e.g. “Roofing”. Perhaps that’s the only one available under the default it behooves you to create custom categories using the options button.  For example, you may add custom categories for “roofing repair,” “commercial roofing,” “gutter repair,” etc.  By so doing, you ’re ensuring that you categorize yourself as much as possible.  However, it is better to use the already existing categories than using newly created unique category names.


The next thing you will see as you move down the list is the ability to include your videos and photos.   You are advised to upload the maximum amount of content here because Google always looks for a complete profile. The completeness of your profile is determined by how much content or information you have in there.  You can upload a maximum of ten pictures and five videos. Try to use true pictures. First, upload either a picture showing you standing in front of your truck or a picture showing your truck or your logo.  By so doing, you’re putting in place something that is representative of your business rather than a stock photo that is not relevant to what you do. Try to upload pictures which represent your organization, such as your team pictures, your logo, etc.

I love getting a team shot. Take a picture of your entire company or team standing outside your building or in front of a van or vans.

That enables people to quickly see who you are and what you do.” Wow, this is a very big company, and there are many people who drive the business.”  I would prefer the logo first, and a photo showing everybody in front of the building, or in front of the truck.  Then, the owner ’s individual shot, maybe if you have technicians in your company,  take their pictures, pictures of your van alone, and pictures of your equipment.  If you’re a member of the chamber of commerce in your area, a member of the BBB, these are the kinds of photos which you have to put in your profile for Google My Business Save those images using keywords specific names. So, if the logo of your company is your first image,   name it “your company name plus your city service”. If you’re Ken the Roofing in NYC, you should name that first image” Ken the Roofing – your NYC Roofing”.

You can upload a maximum of five videos, and the videos are connected via YouTube.  You should not miss out on this great opportunity. You must upload five of your videos here, Being of super quality is not a must.  Occasionally, non- personal, professional,  and real videos have more impact. Break out your video camera, break out your iPhone, take fantastic pictures!

Shoot a video of your own self / the owner, explaining the kind of person you are, the service you provide, and the thing that stands you out,   e.g, “Ken the Roofing is a full-service Roofing contractor, which provides services for the NYC market. We do so and so, we render emergency service which sees us coming down to your business location or home in the NYC. We operate 24 hours per day, seven days a week. As a special gift, you will save up to   $25 off your call if you reference this video,” Something similar to this.  A simple video giving information about who you are and the service you provide would be enough to put you ahead of other roofing businesses.  We have established that having a video will assist you to build an awesome profile on Google My Business which increases your chance of appearing on the Google Maps, as it is well known that information is very vital in the Google era.

It will also assist people to know a lot about your business. It makes a  great difference if they already know, like,  & trust you as this will influence them in deciding whether to contact you or not. It increases the chance of receiving calls from prospective clients and getting jobs from them.  Therefore, upload five of your videos to YouTube & link them to your listing on Google My Business.

The next segment is the Service Area. You can choose your Service Area depending on your location and miles should be incorporated into your service area.  Ensure that you make this a lawful representation of your actual service area.

The field on additional information is the last on the Google My Business listing.  Here, there are two fields, one on the left, and the other on the right,  which allow you to type in anything you want. In most cases, people make mistake when they get here. They will not do the needful. They will just click submit when they’re not yet done. This is the section which enables you to incorporate a lot of useful content, specific information regarding who you are and the service you render.  What I love to do here is to do justice to the first field that says, “Services Offered.”  Next to it, list out all the services you render.  Once again, if your company is a Roofing company, include, “Roofing services” – Roofing repair, “Emergency Roofing, Commercial Roofing, Residential Roofing, Carpentry Repairs, Roof Replacements, and more.”


After you have  filled in  those things, included the right images, done the  appropriate description,  listed the right content  in the field for additional information, then, you are good to  advance to the next step  where you will press “Submit.”

This is where your listing will be verified. Google provides you two options to verify your listing.  Sometimes, they don’t  provide the option of phone verification for a new listing.  Usually, your listing will be verified via mail. A postcard will be sent to you via your mail, within five business days.  You will receive a PIN code, and when you input that into the box provided on your listing, your Google My Business listing will be verified & your business will be included in the Google Maps directory.

Once your Google My Business listing has been verified, you are free to log in and send status updates, special offers, promotions, or add coupons.  I encourage you to log in to your account upload offers.

There is no limit to the number of offers you can upload.  Please, create offers.  Make any coupons that are meant for your customers available there. Examples are “$20 off any service call if you mention this coupon.” Or “15% off any service call.” Or “$200 off your new roof installation.”  Offers make your listing appear more attractive to your would-be customers.

Mainly, that’s where you must start.


You have to go to and build your listing described above.  Now, you have got an assurance and a higher chance of being listed on the Google map. I would have loved to tell you that it is as easy as that to be on the first Page for your City plus Your Service. Unfortunately, there is more to it than that because there are thousands of businesses in your area doing the same thing as you.  Many of them are already on Google My Business listings.  Therefore, you have not yet got a free pass to the first page. But it will get you on the list and if you followed the tips here, you will have a strong foundation to rank in the maps.

Off-Page Tactics and Online Reviews to Boost Maps Rankings

The next step towards your placement on Google My Business listing is being consistent with your citation profile, your address, and your name across the web. This means that your Google My Business profile information must match what you have on your website.

Now, the next thing is to ensure that you sign up with other online directories. This is because Google searches across the web and says, “OK, Ken the Roofing in NYC is listed on Google My Business, where else is he online?”  Google searches different places to confirm this information and check that you are a real business.  It conducts a search on, Bing Local, Yelp, Angie’s List, CitySearch a host of others. We owe it a duty to sign up our roofing clients with more than 100 online directories which we have discovered to be the best for Roofing companies. In addition to the general directories, here are some of the directories related to home services that your business should have a listing in.



Google obtain information from info providers such as InfoUSA as well as other online platforms.  Hence, to boost your chances of being listed on the first page, you must ensure that you appear in all of these platforms with a consistent profile, address, name, and phone number.

That’s another very important thing which Google looks at. Google is just trying to establish your credibility and your existence on various online directories.

Another very important thing you have to do in order to boost your chances of appearing on the map is getting reviews from genuine customers online. If you look closely, you will discover that the companies that are showing up on the first three spots on the first page are likely to have an unrestricted number of reviews. In many cities, it is possible for you to see companies having a few reviews on the first page if the SEO of the page meant for their location is very strong and there is little or no competition.


After having implemented all the tactics we discussed in this Google My Maps series, the final thing to do is to build quality links to your website from high authority websites. You can do outreach to related sites or other home services businesses who are not competitors to get links to your website. Roofing Seo Pros have developed a content publishing and blog outreach program where we get these links for you during our Internet Marketing Program, that includes Google My Business Optimization and link building for Seo among other essential tactics.


If you want us to review your Google My Maps optimization along with other analysis of your website, you can set up a FREE Lead Acceleration Meeting with us to jump start the modernization of your Internet Marketing activities for your Roofing business and develop a roadmap for you to achieve MORE Leads, Customers and Profits.