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What Are Backlinks and Why Are They Important?

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Why Are Backlinks Important for Ranking Your Roofing Website in Google?


Backlinks are links from other sites to your site, let’s assume mrroofingcompany.com. If another website on the Internet, says, check out Mr. Roofing Company and when you click on it, it takes you to mrroofingcompany.com, that is considered a backlink. Imagine backlinks like “referral points”. You can have the most beautiful website with hundreds of pages about a topic, but if no other website refers their visitors to you, it means that website has no friends and no trust. So without backlinks, Google will not assign any authority and trust to your website and would not rank on the first page.

There are different kinds of backlinks:

Social vs. Earned Backlinks

If you have a company Facebook account, you can enter your website in the profile and that will be a link. However, since this is a Social link an anyone can build these sites and point a link to their website, its impact is limited. An earned link would be if say CNN writes an article about roofing contractors and includes Your Roofing Company as one of the companies and provides a link to yourroofingwebsite.com – that would be an earned link from a high-quality site. We use a combination of social and earned links for our campaigns.

High vs. Low Quality

Some sites have more authority and trust and others are spammy. Getting links from spammy sites hurt your site rather than help. Some companies purchase bulk links from outsources without knowing the quality of the sites and this is not helpful. It used to work 5 years ago; but Google became better at identifying quality of the links. Getting a link from CNN is difficult, but there are many other quality sites. If CNN gave a link to Site A, getting a link from Site A would still be high quality, so we look at the backlinks of a site before getting a link from that site. In some cases, you can sponsor an article, at the very high end, Fortune.com for example, has some writers and they would agree for an article and link to your site; but would charge $2,000 for that link. In most cases, we reach out to other quality sites we identified and check if we can sponsor an article for a backlink.

In some cases, we buy some quality sites from auctions, these sites would have links from high quality sites such as WSJ or CNN and we run our own blogs on these sites and can give backlinks to sites we want. This is a strategy that requires providing good, unique content in your blogs and requires expertise.

We use both strategies: we reach out to other quality domains to sponsor articles and we also run our own quality blogs. And what makes a domain quality is its backlinks; but not necessarily how it looks like.. Very competitive markets is a competition between which site can acquire the highest quality and quantity of links consistently and this is one of the most expensive aspects of an Seo campaign. Especially, if you are a newcomer for a specific keyword and want to disrupt existing ranking sites in competitive markets, you need to be much better than them to take over the rankings.


Fast vs. Consistent Backlink Building

Some backlink building will appear unnatural. Google uses AI to understand how natural sites gets links. If a new site has 30 earned backlinks suddenly, that is not natural. But it can have 30 social links, it is natural for new companies to build their social profiles under their name. That’s why it requires to have the right pace for link building. If you built too much links from the beginning, Google would be suspicious and might have assigned a penalty for unnatural link building.


Keyword Optimized vs. URL Backlinks

Some backlinks are just the website address or name of the brand such as Mr. Roofing Company, mrroofingcompany.com – these are the most common. Other backlinks could be a group of words, such as “roofing contractor in Philadelphia” – this three keyword group could link to the roofing company website and that would mean that website is a site about roofing contractor in Philly. Google would add points for roofing contractor searches in Philadelphia and would increase this site’s ranking. There needs to be a good balance of keyword optimized and url backlinks. A keyword strategy will determine the ideal keyword optimized links, so having a good keyword strategy is important for any Seo campaign.


Now, you can set up a FREE Leadflow Acceleration Session with Roofing Seo Pros to go over your current backlinks to develop the best linking strategy going forward to increase your rankings.  


Google My Business Analytics Dashboard

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Sneak Peak to Google My Business Analytics Dashboard and What It Means


The added option of reaching out to the businesses directly via the mobile phones has made Google My Business listing a very important calls’ driver for local businesses.  It is also possible for you to track the number of calls as well as website visits attracted by your listing on Google My Business.  Here is a screenshot of the calls received by one of our clients in a month.




What this means is that our client has received 52 calls this month from just the Google My Maps results. In addition, they received 186 website clicks. This data shows that some people would immediately call, which is captured in this dashboard and other would go to the website and based on what they see on the website, decide to call. This is the reason a Google My Maps listing, combined with a great website could be turbo chargers to your lead generation efforts and calls you are getting.


Our Internet Marketing System for Roofing Companies place strong emphasis on Google Maps rankings for Roofing Companies and having a highly converting roofing website.

Google Ads Click Rate for Roofing Ads

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Percentage of People Clicking Your Roofing Google Ads

What % of searchers are actually clicking Google Ads> Our best guess is 15%. It could be anywhere from 5% to 20% to allow for some variance. Let’s share some data: If we look at all traffic that comes from Ads vs. organic results, it is only 5%; but this includes non-commercial searches such as “what is a roof?”, where you may not even have a Google Ads placement. For more competitive words such as “Sacramento Roofing”, you would expect traffic percentages more like the chart on the right-hand side. Since usually you would have 3 Ad results, First ranked Ad would get ~7%, 2nd would get 4% and 3rd would get about 3%, so in total about 15% of people will click the Ads and remaining 85% will click organic map and other organic results on the first page.

The majority of the clicks will be directed to the results of Google My Business since they show up very conspicuously on the page and the majority of the searches that are done by mobile, and those through Google My Business listings offer an option to searchers to reach out to the business directly.  Next, clicks will proceed to Organic results followed by Ads. An Ad often attracts 10-20% of all the clicks, and the remaining ones go to organic and map results on the first page.


This is one of the reasons why Seo and ranking on the first page of Google without Ads is very important for the long term lead generation of your business. It may not be instant like the effect you have with Ads; but it is an exclusive position – not every roofer can obtain that position even If they wanted. Everyone can pay higher for the Ads and get a listing; but that means prices of Ads will contunie to go up due to competition and Google Ad Division will benefit the most. Secondly, even if you did Ads, capturing only 15% of traffic is not a long term strategy if you want to accelerate your leadflow. You need to be present to capture the remaining 85% of the clicks.


This is why our Internet Marketing for Roofing Businesses has Search Engine Optimization as a core foundation to get right. If you want to learn more about our program, you can sign up for our FREE WEBINAR and learn the foundations and key steps for a successful Internet Marketing campaign.

Three Types of Search Results in Google

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Google Maps vs. Organic Rankings vs. Google Ads for Roofers

The majority of the experts on Roofing we have interacted with are perplexed about the way the search engines operate and the dissimilarities between paid / Pay-Per-Click listings, organic listings and map listings.

The aim of this section is to spend some minutes to unravel the MYSTERY surrounding the search engines & dissect the body of the search engine results pages (SERPs). If you understand how each part functions, you can put a strategy in place to achieve maximum results with each.


There exist three major parts of the SERPs, namely:

  1. Paid / PPC Listings
  2. Map Listings
  3. Organic Listings


Paid / PPC Listings

In this part of the search engine, there is a liberty for you to choose the keywords which relate to your business and then make payment to be listed here.   Pay-Per-Click or PPC is so called because instead of paying a flat daily or monthly fee for placement, you only pay each time a person clicks on the link.  This platform is premised on a system of bidding, and the best placement goes to the highest-bidding company.  PPC is still a snappy tool for marketing business online.  However, it should be considered a short-term marketing strategy. Although PPC is very fast, it can be very expensive as some keywords cost up to $45.00 for one click in the Roofing sector.

Map Listings

This is very vital in that it is the number one thing which appears in the results of the search for the majority of local searches. For instance, if an individual is looking for “Roofing + Your City,” there is almost 100% chance that the first thing they look at is the map listings. Unlike the search engine’s paid section, you can’t purchase placement in the map listings, you must work for it, and once you find yourself here, there is no further cost for being in this part of the search engine.  The optimization strategy of Our Google My Business will be shared with you in this guide and you will be taken through the exact things you need to do to achieve placement on page one in the map section of the search engine results.

Organic Listings

The natural/organic/ section of the results page of the search engine appears directly below the map listings in the majority of local searches. However, it appears directly below the paid listings if there are no map listings (only the map section appears in specified local searches). Just like the map listings, it is not possible to buy your way into this search engine’s part and pay per click cost is not associated with it.  Our strategy for search engine optimization will be shared with you in this guide under Section 5.

Now that you have a perfect understanding of the three major parts of the results of the search engine and the dissimilarities between them, you might want to know… “Which section is more important than others?” This question is thrown to us by Roofing Companies on a daily basis.

The truth is that all the three sections are significant and each has a vital role to play in an online marketing strategy as they will work hand in hand to ensure that you appear as many times as possible while a person is looking for Roofing services in your location.

Now, you can set up a FREE Leadflow Acceleration Session to go over your search rankings to develop the best ranking strategy going forward.  

3 Secrets to Keeping Your Top Performing Roofing Salespeople

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If your top salespeople are not happy or motivated, they’re not going to be performing at the top level or may leave for a different opportunity or to build their own roofing business once they learn the business from you. As a roofing business owner, you would need to prevent that, while getting the best out of your top salespeople.

Top salespeople are rare and they know it. The problem is that they will at least at times think that as an owner, you are not that critical or important because they are actually the ones bringing you the money. Yes, this is “ego.” Some salespeople are known to have huge egos, but that is not necessarily a bad thing, don’t forget ego and not taking no for an answer could be related and a driver for their success. They usually wouldn’t take “no” for an answer. After some successes, they will think they are the real stars. Don’t take it personally; it’s okay. They can feel like they’re the shining stars. As a result of this feeling, they might think that they have other options and they can go anywhere else and produce the same results.

Therefore, you need to take action, and the first thing you need to do is to make them aware that as a roofing company in your service area, you are the most reputable one with the best leads and highest conversions; you have hundreds of good reviews on multiple platforms. You have an established brand. Anyone who looks and searches for your company on the website finds nothing but the most excellent reviews.

Your roofing business should be able to attract and keep the top performing salespeople in order for your company to grow 2-3 times the market. Click To Tweet

You have a reputable roofing business, so you’re not dependent on the salesperson. On the contrary, the salesperson is dependent on you because it will be much harder for the salesperson to find another company with an established brand and with those great reviews in the area unless he is willing to relocate. Even if he were to start his own business, it would take time to build the infrastructure and accumulate good leads that the website gives you and the reviews that make people want to buy.

There are three things you can do to build a continuous win-win relationship with your top performing sales people.

1 – Managing your digital presence contributes to your reputation and roofing brand name

The first thing you need to do is to build your company digitally and have the right elements. That’s important to keep salespeople kind of on top your performance because you can hire another top salesperson and he or she will sell much easier in this company than any other startup that doesn’t have any reviews, that doesn’t appear in Google or that doesn’t have any testimonials or that doesn’t have any Association memberships. It won’t have any of the things that we talked about on the roofing website conversion section of our website. You can be sure that good salespeople will be attracted by all the elements that you have built digitally online. This is why it’s so important to continue investing in that aspect of your business to keep your top performers in check and to be able to attract other top performers.

2 – Objection versus challenge

Now, let’s continue with the tips. The second tip is, never say “no” to a salesperson. If a salesperson comes up with an idea, welcome it! He might suggest something that he thinks will increase the sales of the company.  Don’t object, just say okay and give him a week or so to check back.  You will open the doors for that person and will challenge him.  However, make sure he gets that talk is cheap and he needs actually to support his ideas with better results. You can even go further and offer him a bonus for example if he gets three additional sales this week, based on this new idea that you will reward him and then also emphasize that you can implement it in the other parts of the business. Rewarding works as much as listening and consideration.

The person might think the leads are not good, and other things should be done. In this case, just ask him to help you with the leads, maybe to write the sales copy or an ad or whatever you want. If you have already built a strong digital presence on the web in your service area, the leads are going to be much better than the crappy leads that lead generation companies sell to multiple roofing companies. In that case, you compete only by price and this is not a long-term business model. That’s not the lead that you want to have anyways. However, even if they have an idea, if they complain, why don’t you say, make it two weeks without the leads, but they would not know; they’re not marketing people. They’re not lead generation people. So don’t ever argue with them. I think the principle is not to be defensive. Instead of arguing with them, challenge them.  The more you challenge them, and the more you let them do things, the better. The challenge will definitely motivate them, and if what they say doesn’t work, then they will stop complaining about it. In short, the rule is never and ever get defensive and never say “no” to a salesperson. Always challenge them and ask them to show the talk. Then they will they believe and strive for the best. If they become unsuccessful about the initiative, then they will at least stop complaining.

3 – Recognition and Rewards increase performance

The third thing you need to do when your top sales performer comes and asks for a commission or thinks that has done the greatest job in the world, it is time for recognition. You need to keep track of the numbers and show him you reward them with gift cards etc. In addition to what they earn commissions or any other type of recognition that has monetary value will please him.

They will strive to get recognition no matter how confident they speak and how confident they are. Sometimes it feels like they aren’t affected by anything. That’s one of the qualities of great salespeople; deep down, they’d like to be recognized.  Take them to a fancy dinner in your area like the best steakhouse or the best seafood restaurant.  Celebrate a great month with your salespeople. This will make them happy, and they will feel like they are part of the team. It will keep the top performance and performers in your team.

Let’s summarize the three things; build your digital recognition, enterprise reputation online, so that it’s not easy to go out and find a similar company or do something on their own. Secondly, never, ever get defensive. Never say “no” to your salesperson. And the third tip is to give them recognition in ways that it will surprise them.

Roofing Seo Pros can build the digital foundations and reputation of your roofing business that will help you keep your high performing salespeople

If you do all these things, you will be able to keep your top sales performers, and you will solve one of the biggest problems in the roofing sales sector of people leaving or starting their own companies. If you want to start realizing the first tip, which is to build a company with the right elements to bring high-quality leads with lots of great reviews that will build your presence in your market, then set up a FREE One to One Consultation Session with us.  Then we can go over your online marketing assets and make them so that you will start getting quality leads; you will start establishing that brand digitally in multiple platforms, and you will start ranking higher in Google and generate additional deals from them.

Don’t forget: You are the key asset. It’s not the salesperson; it’s not the technicians; it’s not the trucks; it’s not those tangible or labor assets. It’s your business, your name. Therefore, we need to establish strong digital assets so that you have the reputation and a long-term, sustainable business to attract high performers and to keep them.