3 Secrets to Keeping Your Top Performing Roofing Salespeople

By September 3, 2018Sales in Roofing

If your top salespeople are not happy or motivated, they’re not going to be performing at the top level or may leave for a different opportunity or to build their own roofing business once they learn the business from you. As a roofing business owner, you would need to prevent that, while getting the best out of your top salespeople.

Top salespeople are rare and they know it. The problem is that they will at least at times think that as an owner, you are not that critical or important because they are actually the ones bringing you the money. Yes, this is “ego.” Some salespeople are known to have huge egos, but that is not necessarily a bad thing, don’t forget ego and not taking no for an answer could be related and a driver for their success. They usually wouldn’t take “no” for an answer. After some successes, they will think they are the real stars. Don’t take it personally; it’s okay. They can feel like they’re the shining stars. As a result of this feeling, they might think that they have other options and they can go anywhere else and produce the same results.

Therefore, you need to take action, and the first thing you need to do is to make them aware that as a roofing company in your service area, you are the most reputable one with the best leads and highest conversions; you have hundreds of good reviews on multiple platforms. You have an established brand. Anyone who looks and searches for your company on the website finds nothing but the most excellent reviews.

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You have a reputable roofing business, so you’re not dependent on the salesperson. On the contrary, the salesperson is dependent on you because it will be much harder for the salesperson to find another company with an established brand and with those great reviews in the area unless he is willing to relocate. Even if he were to start his own business, it would take time to build the infrastructure and accumulate good leads that the website gives you and the reviews that make people want to buy.

There are three things you can do to build a continuous win-win relationship with your top performing sales people.

1 – Managing your digital presence contributes to your reputation and roofing brand name

The first thing you need to do is to build your company digitally and have the right elements. That’s important to keep salespeople kind of on top your performance because you can hire another top salesperson and he or she will sell much easier in this company than any other startup that doesn’t have any reviews, that doesn’t appear in Google or that doesn’t have any testimonials or that doesn’t have any Association memberships. It won’t have any of the things that we talked about on the roofing website conversion section of our website. You can be sure that good salespeople will be attracted by all the elements that you have built digitally online. This is why it’s so important to continue investing in that aspect of your business to keep your top performers in check and to be able to attract other top performers.

2 – Objection versus challenge

Now, let’s continue with the tips. The second tip is, never say “no” to a salesperson. If a salesperson comes up with an idea, welcome it! He might suggest something that he thinks will increase the sales of the company.  Don’t object, just say okay and give him a week or so to check back.  You will open the doors for that person and will challenge him.  However, make sure he gets that talk is cheap and he needs actually to support his ideas with better results. You can even go further and offer him a bonus for example if he gets three additional sales this week, based on this new idea that you will reward him and then also emphasize that you can implement it in the other parts of the business. Rewarding works as much as listening and consideration.

The person might think the leads are not good, and other things should be done. In this case, just ask him to help you with the leads, maybe to write the sales copy or an ad or whatever you want. If you have already built a strong digital presence on the web in your service area, the leads are going to be much better than the crappy leads that lead generation companies sell to multiple roofing companies. In that case, you compete only by price and this is not a long-term business model. That’s not the lead that you want to have anyways. However, even if they have an idea, if they complain, why don’t you say, make it two weeks without the leads, but they would not know; they’re not marketing people. They’re not lead generation people. So don’t ever argue with them. I think the principle is not to be defensive. Instead of arguing with them, challenge them.  The more you challenge them, and the more you let them do things, the better. The challenge will definitely motivate them, and if what they say doesn’t work, then they will stop complaining about it. In short, the rule is never and ever get defensive and never say “no” to a salesperson. Always challenge them and ask them to show the talk. Then they will they believe and strive for the best. If they become unsuccessful about the initiative, then they will at least stop complaining.

3 – Recognition and Rewards increase performance

The third thing you need to do when your top sales performer comes and asks for a commission or thinks that has done the greatest job in the world, it is time for recognition. You need to keep track of the numbers and show him you reward them with gift cards etc. In addition to what they earn commissions or any other type of recognition that has monetary value will please him.

They will strive to get recognition no matter how confident they speak and how confident they are. Sometimes it feels like they aren’t affected by anything. That’s one of the qualities of great salespeople; deep down, they’d like to be recognized.  Take them to a fancy dinner in your area like the best steakhouse or the best seafood restaurant.  Celebrate a great month with your salespeople. This will make them happy, and they will feel like they are part of the team. It will keep the top performance and performers in your team.

Let’s summarize the three things; build your digital recognition, enterprise reputation online, so that it’s not easy to go out and find a similar company or do something on their own. Secondly, never, ever get defensive. Never say “no” to your salesperson. And the third tip is to give them recognition in ways that it will surprise them.

Roofing Seo Pros can build the digital foundations and reputation of your roofing business that will help you keep your high performing salespeople

If you do all these things, you will be able to keep your top sales performers, and you will solve one of the biggest problems in the roofing sales sector of people leaving or starting their own companies. If you want to start realizing the first tip, which is to build a company with the right elements to bring high-quality leads with lots of great reviews that will build your presence in your market, then set up a FREE One to One Consultation Session with us.  Then we can go over your online marketing assets and make them so that you will start getting quality leads; you will start establishing that brand digitally in multiple platforms, and you will start ranking higher in Google and generate additional deals from them.

Don’t forget: You are the key asset. It’s not the salesperson; it’s not the technicians; it’s not the trucks; it’s not those tangible or labor assets. It’s your business, your name. Therefore, we need to establish strong digital assets so that you have the reputation and a long-term, sustainable business to attract high performers and to keep them.

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